Svyambhu is an initiative by FutureIcons which works on individuals through strategies in order to bring in Entrepreneurial growth as a way of life. The day to day socializations, learning environment, bringing up  includes various small interactions and observations that amalgamate the child as whole. 

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Our company diversifies in various running and future prospects. Our main running prospect is the academy viz. FutureIcons Learning Academy which has been the foundation of all the running and future agendas

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We believe that there are some problems in individuals which can only be rectified through rigourous  training or workshop procedure. 


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We visualize an improved and advanced education system which allows a broad spectrum of opportunities for our society.

The counselling process involves helping an individual see their options, understand the social contexts that may influence their decisions.

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FutureIcons new initiative "Svyambhu" is a step towards developing enterprenuership as way of life.

Starting from a very small level with a group of school students we have gone through a lot of depths in the ocean of education industry and come out as a well established education group under a very becoming name of FutureIcons.